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Doing English

The three-coloured dick

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Girls have so much attitude, don’t they?

My daughter got a belt. It’s multi-coloured. Three, horizontal stripes. Pink, blue and yellow.

Thing is…

It’s a tad long for her.

So the end of the belt just hangs loose.

Now, Ryu, one of the cheeky boys who lives in the same building as us, saw this and said:

“You’ve got a three-coloured dick!”

Emma was very upset. So much so that she came in crying.

Never mind.

Kids will be kids.

Only after a few minutes she suddenly got up, marched back outside and shouted, top of her voice:

“Ryu your head looks like 10,000 colour dick!!!”

And marched back in.

Unsurprisingly all the mum’s in the little park in front of our building thought this was quite, quite funny.

As dumb a retort as this is though…

You’ve gotta be pretty damn good at a language to be able to speak like this.

There’s wordplay and subtle nuances involved (even if what is said isn’t that subtle).

Can you do it?


Julian Northbrook

Language Punk. One-colour-dick.