December 24, 2020
By Julian Northbrook

What is the best English learning exercise?



Perhaps the ‘432 Exercise’?

Well, if your goal is building topic-specific fluency, fast, then the 432 exercise is defiantly near the top of the list and close to being “best” (if you don’t know how to do this I include a 30minute detailed training as a free bonus with MEFA which I’ll send you by email right away when you enrol using the link below).

Ultimately the best English learning exercise is the English learning exercise that is right for you, now, and will fix your specific problems and help you achieve your specific goals.

Shadowing works really well… IF it’s the right exercise for you.

Same with dictation.

Same with everything you could possibly do to improve your English.

Which is why in MEFA I teach you a system, complete with a range of exercises for different weaknesses, situations and scenarios… then help you to customise that information to YOU personally via the weekly group coaching calls.

There’s information about the course here:

Dr Julian Northbrook