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Julian Northbrook

Small Talk Superhero

36 Secrets

to Extraordinary English Conversation (aka ‘Small Talk Superhero’)

London, June 9th


Hello, Julian here.

On this page, you can find information about the Small Talk Superhero Seminar, and join us.

One of my coaching clients told me a story…

Ken’s Story

Ken is a system engineer, and really good at his job. He regularly speaks at conferences on his area of expertise in English. And on the stage… he’s like a god. He speaks eloquently and clearly. His presentations are engaging and informative. He handles questions with ease.

On the stage, Ken is extraordinary English Speaker.

But Ken told me, he hates going to conferences. Why? Many people–most, really–are there to meet people and network. And the real event starts at the END of the day when everybody heads off to the bar.

During the conference, Ken has no trouble with English. But after, he can barely understand anything people say — and he doesn’t know how to speak well in casual, chit-chat situations.

You see, Ken is very good at talking about his job.

But he sucks at casual conversation.

This is a common situation

This is a very common situation for people speaking English as a second language.

It’s easy to talk about our job because it’s familiar. But small talk and casual conversation is fast, casual and quite random.

But here’s the thing…

It’s a skill that can be learned, and quite easily.

This is where Small Talk Superhero Comes In

Small Talk Superhero will be held on June 9th in London, from 13:00.

We’re going to go deep into the topic of small talk and casual conversation, and what I call “Magnetic Chit Chat” — and how you can use it effectively, and with easy in both business and social situations.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • The truth of all English conversation (there is one reason we have conversations, related to how human beings–and every living thing on this planet–has evolved).
  • The reason we find silence uncomfortable (and how to easily fill it without sounding silly).
  • A ‘weird’ Japanese small-talk topic and an Indian compliment that’ll leave most women shaking with anger.
  • How to start a conversation with anybody, even if they’re a complete stranger, like a pro (and one simple “trick” that makes you really easy for anybody to speak to).
  • The Golden Rule of all casual conversation (I’ll tell you this now ー the most important part of any conversation is not starting it, or even speaking and understanding well during the conversation… no; the most important part is FINISHING in the correct way… if you can finish well, every conversation will be a “good” conversation, and everyone will remember you as an excellent speaker of English… finish badly, and the opposite is true).
  • What to do when you’re talking to someone who just won’t. Shut. Up. (this was originally a question asked by one of my EES members – she said often people would talk to her, and she’d be busy and have to go… but she just couldn’t find a way to get rid of them ー here’s how).
  • Never make someone feel like they are “suddenly alone” in a conversation.
  • How to show you’re listening, you understand, are interested and build extraordinary rapport with a person you are talking to.
  • The “Game” I play every time I speak to someone new (this allows me to have a fun, interesting conversation right now, but it also ensures I’ll be able to “pick up” the conversation later AND it means I can easily introduce that person to a third person if I need to… which is an excellent way to build my own social-status).
  • How to “think like a kid” to ensure every conversation you have is a learning experience (and enjoyable).
  • The types of questions you should absolutely avoid (especially with people you are meeting for the first time, but also anyone else you speak to).
  • Good questions to ask.
  • The ULTIMATE question (warning: don’t use this if you want the conversation to end quickly; you might learn waaaaaay more about the person than you expected).
  • Why “taboo” conversation topics are not taboo (and how to use them effectively and appropriately).
  • How to “add colour” to the language you use (native speakers do this all the time, often without even realising).
  • The “Walter Mitty” method for never having nothing interesting to talk about.
  • How to make your conversations pop in a way that makes you super memorable (in a positive way).
  • How to vary your speech so that you don’t sound dumb by repeating the same thing again and again and again and again (I’ll teach you a powerful exercise you can use to ensure every conversation you ever have is better than anything you ever had before).
  • The controversial way to draw massive attention to the points you want to make (warning: this is very advanced).
  • The secret to Extraordinary English Conversation (get this, and you’ll never snuggle with speaking English in casual situations again).

Who is Small Talk Superhero for?

  • People who use English in work and international business — especially if you deal with or entertain clients and regularly meet new people (but also if you speak English in the office with co-workers and colleagues).
  • Academics who present their research and attend conferences, symposiums etc.
  • People who live in an English speaking country and reguarly talk with people in English.

Important Details

  1. Date and time: June 9th, 2018,  13:00~16:30 (doors open at  12:30), then drinks after for people who want to.
  2. Location: The Rookery, Farringdon, London.
  3. We will be recording the event and people who come in person will get free access to the recording after so they can review later (you have to come to get free access).


  1. The “Small Talk Superhero” manual with complete notes of the whole seminar, and packed with all the phrases and expressions you’ll need to implement each point we talk about.
  2. Free access to the recording of the event.
  3. The 36-Day follow up plan to ensure you practise everything you learn and get good at it).
  4. A 30 Minute follow-up call by Skype to ask any questions (I normally charge £250 for these sessions, but you’re getting it for free).

Remember, this is an in-person event. It will not be live-streamed. Please only register if you can actually come.

Small Talk Superhero is Full

Click here to register

Small Talk Superhero, Live in London on June 9th is now full. Click here to get yourself on the waiting list for the Home Study Course.

See you there!

Julian Northbrook

P.S. This will likely be the last live event that I do in 2018. I’m planning to move to Ireland in the autumn, and it’s extremely likely I’ll have time to do another one for a while.