Small Talk Superhero


Take Your English Conversation from Awkward to Awesome

Tokyo, January 27th & London, June 9th


Hello, Julian here.

On this page, you can find information about the Small Talk Superhero Seminar, and join us.

One of my coaching clients told me a story.

Ken’s Story

Ken is a system engineer, and really good at his job. He regularly speaks at conferences on his area of expertise in English. And on the stage… he’s like a god. He speaks eloquently and clearly. His presentations are engaging and informative. He handles questions with ease.

On the stage, Ken is extraordinary English Speaker.

But Ken told me, he hates going to conferences. Why? People many people–most, really–are there to meet people and network. And the real event starts at the END of the day when everybody heads off to the bar.

During the conference, Ken has no trouble with English. But after, he can barely understand anything people say — and he doesn’t know how to speak well in casual, chit-chat situations.

You see, Ken is very good at talking about his job.

But he sucks at casual conversation.

This is a common situation

This is a very common situation for people speaking English as a second language. It’s easy to talk about our job because it’s familiar. But small talk and casual conversation is fast, casual and quite random.

But here’s the thing…

It’s a skill that can be learned, and quite easily.

This is where Small Talk Superhero Comes In

From 2017’s Toyko Seminar at Connecting the Dots (same place as this year).

Small Talk Superhero is my new seminar. It’ll be held on January 27th in Tokyo, then June 9thin London.

We’re going to go deep into the topic of small talk and casual conversation, and how you can become a “Small Talk Superhero” to make your English conversations fun and playful… not boring and awkward.

Seminar Outline

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Small Talk for Superheros
    • What is small talk?
    • What kind of language do you need? What kind of things should you–and shouldn’t you–say?
    • “They speak so fast I don’t have time to think!” – Overcoming the challenges of small talk.
  • Part 2: Small Talk superpowers – The 4 Keys to Taking any English conversation from ‘Awkward’ to ‘Awesome’
    • Superpower #1
    • Superpower #2
    • Superpower #3
    • Superpower #4
  • Closing

In part 1 we’ll discuss the Big art of Small Talk – what it is, why it’s so important. Then the main (and longest section) is Part 2 – Small Talk Superpowers. Every superhero has his own set of superpowers. I’ll share with you the four superpowers that you, the Small Talk Superhero need to take your English conversations from awkward to awesome.

Important Details

  1. Date and time: January 27th, 2018,  18:00~20:00 (doors open at  17:45), then drinks until late for people who want to.
  2. Location: Connecting the Dot, Shibuya, Tokyo, 6th Floor
  3. I’ll audio record the seminar and give you the recording after, so you don’t need to worry about understanding everything perfectly.

Remember, this is an in-person event. It will not be live-streamed or online at all. Please only register if you can actually come.

Registration for STS Tokyo is closed

See you there!

Julian Northbrook
The Language Punk