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Doing English

DED3 – A Mistake You’re Making

in Doing English Podcast

Something I notice again and again –

You say, “I want to speak English like a native speaker”. But then you treat using English as different from your native language.

Massive contradiction there.

You’ll sit back and enjoy a film in your first language. But constantly pause, rewind and write shit down when you watch a film in English.

I mean…

You do need to spend time learning English. Yes. The focused, intensive study you do makes your English grow.

But growth is useless without automation.

Many people get this wrong. And they create really bad habits for themselves that are hard to break. For example, do you always think about everything as you say it or try to understand what people say by analysing the words and grammar they use? If you do, you’re almost definitely TRAINING yourself to do it.

In MEFA we take a different approach.

Study is study.

But using is using, and we clearly separate the two.

And yes, there is an optimal balance of the two types of activities for fastest improvement – we cover this in Week 3.

If you’re on MEFA (or just finished it), well done.

If not, sucks to be you.

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