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Doing English

Brownies, Banter and Dick Measuring

in Doing English Podcast

It’s Citybizzy time, ladies and gentlemen.

By which I mean…

… it’s Friday …

… and time for the latest Extraordinary English Speakers lesson.

If you want to get right to it, it’s here:

The setting for this week’s lesson is the Weekly Citybizzy catch-up meeting. Sasha has an idea… cue much grumpiness from Stan (who’s ALWAYS grumpy) and jokes directed at the fact Sasha ALWAYS has good ideas… which lead to more work for everyone.

The conversation quickly disintegrates into banter, jokes and minor argument over who bakes the best brownies.

We look at…

  • Good-natured humour, banter and playful language.
  • Pisstaking and guy talk (i.e. “Dick Measuring”).
  • A very common chunk that lets you boast about yourself without appearing big-headed and full of yourself (this is essential if you live in the UK or use English with British people).
  • Dan’s humorous way of trying to sound cool and mysterious, and the exact phrases and expressions that George uses to call dan out on his joke.
  • A simple but powerful expression that Sasha uses to add weight and power to her idea that makes it very difficult for people to ignore (pay close attention to this and use it yourself next time you need to present an idea to someone).
  • And 21 chunks of English for you to steal and use yourself in your own conversations.

The place to go is here:


P.S. If you’re not a member yet you can go here to apply for a place: