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Doing English

Making Waves

Whether you own a business or are employed by one, write this down and put it where you’ll see it every day:

We do business with people who we know, like and trust.

Memorise this. Tattoo it on your arm if you have to.

Highly effective business communication is, simply put, all about building relationships with the right people. Simple, yes. But as always, the devil is in the details.

That’s where “Making Waves” comes in.

It comes in two parts (well, three including the introduction).

Here’s the table of contents (and if you pay attention, you’ll learn a lot just from this – though of course the devil is always in the details, and just knowing what the sections are won’t give you the communicative subtitles).

Part 1 — “Breakthrough Business Communication Strategies”

  • The Business You Are Actually In (even if you’re not in business – this is the same for us all).
  • Good Business Is about Relationships.
  • People Don’t Buy What You Do They Buy WHY You Do It (whether you own a company, work in a company, or do something totally different such as teaching… this is super important)
  • What Good Business Communication Isn’t (throw away your business-English textbooks)
  • Empathy First.
  • We Do Business with People Whom We Know, like and Trust (and how to communicate so people know, like and trust us).
  • Transformational Selling.
  • Speak to Your Target and Screw the Rest (why I speak the way I do, and how to inject your personality into everything you do to supercharge your communication, in business, work and everyday life).
  • Develop Your Voice, Tell Your Stories (how to develop your voice into something uniquely you)

Part 2 — Into the Waves (A Personal Operating System)

  • Personal Rule #1
  • Personal Rule #2
  • Personal Rule #3
  • Personal Rule #4
  • Personal Rule #5
  • Personal Rule #6

You’ll have to get the recordings to see what the “personal rules” are.

When you purchase today you get…

  • Full HD videos (x 3).
  • Mp3 versions that you can download and listen to on your iPhone.
  • Full transcripts (as soon as they are finished).
  • 9 Page “extracts” PDF.

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