Accelerate Your English Learning by Getting the First 90 Days Right

MEFA Will Open Next on October 24th 2019.

Have you ever seen a rocket take off?

It takes a massive explosion of energy—3.5 million kilograms of thrust in fact—to fight gravity, and get up, off the ground, and into space.

But once it’s there?

The space shuttle just glides along easily, with no resistance.

Have you ever seen a rocket take off?​

It takes a massive explosion of energy—3.5 million kilograms of thrust in fact—to fight gravity, and get up, off the ground, and into space.

But once it’s there?

The space shuttle just glides along easily, with no resistance.

This is what the MEF Accelerator course does for your English speaking

Over the last year and a half, I’ve spent a lot of time working one-on-one with coaching clients. I’ve helped them to speak amazing English. Overcome their problems and really use their English in their work and everyday life. All while also perfecting my methods.

And what I’ve found is this —

The best results come from a short, very intensive period of training… followed by a longer, more relaxed (but consistent) period of learning and practise.

The First 90 Days

What matters for the rocket is the first push off the ground. And that’s the same for you. Get the first 90 days right, and from there speaking English is easy.

But if you try to skip this?

You’ll be working from the wrong foundation, and you’ll struggle.

In the Accelerator course, we’ll create a daily English learning plan that is structured, consistent and easy to do based on methods that work. You’ll create an English learning habit so that you get everything right now… then put your learning on autopilot.

Yes, it’ll be hard work and the process is intense. But the idea is to get you a big boost in proficiency, as well as get you absolutely clear about what you need to do after the first 12 weeks…

Then you just have to keep implementing what you’ve learned over time to get better and better and better.

Here’s how it works

MEFA is highly interactive.

It’s delivered as a combination of training sessions once a week, homework to complete (which you’ll need to submit for feedback each week), and weekly live Q&A calls in case you get stuck (don’t worry if you can’t make each one live – I record them).

This is not an automated course. There's no course website or account to access like most other online courses.

I run everything manually via an email group.

The next enrolment day will be October 24th.

Here's what you'll do:

  • In the first week, we’ll look at the most important change you need to make, as well as implement a “Quick Proficiency Booster” series of exercises and routine changes to get you going as fast as possible.
  • In week 2 we begin the process of reconditioning your behaviour – it’ll take more than the week to do this, but the work we do here provides the framework.
  • In week 3 we’ll get you set up with a structured plan for daily improvement that will get you the results you need, and look at the different types of learning exercises you’ll need to do (and the exact balance for optimal improvement).
  • In weeks 4, 5 and 6 we make changes to what you learn so that by the end of week 6 you are totally clear on not only how you should be learning, but exactly what materials you should use and what you should focus on.
  • Week 7 is all about fluency building – you’ll understand the 5 elements of fluency (most people think fluency is one thing… but it’s not. Fluency is actually 5 multiple processes that need to be trained in different ways – this is why typical methods fail to improve your fluency).
  • Week 8 is dedicated to removing your first language from your English speaking so that you (1) speak on autopilot without thinking or translating and (2) speak naturally, without what linguists call ‘negative transfer’ form your first language.
  • In Week 9 I show you how to stop making mistakes in English and speak accurately and naturally.
  • In week 10, 11 and 12 we go deeper into your goals, and connect them to your English learning so that you’re not just learning randomly… but actually using what you learn in the real world and improving as you go.

How to Join MEFA

Because I teach MEFA to each and every new group, the course only opens periodically.

Places are strictly limited to 30 places.

For that reason, understand there are strictly no refunds on the course and all sales are final (I only want people serious about doing the work to join).

The next enrolment day will be October 24th @8 am Ireland time.

If you want a place on the next run, you need to be on the Notification List (I don't announce MEFA anywhere else because the course always fills up really fast). 


I Have to Make One thing I Very Clear

If you join MEFA I expect you to do the work.

I ask you to commit to an absolute minimum of an 80% completion rate (that means you must get your homework in on time at least 10 weeks out of 12).

If you join, but then make excuses, fail to do the work and generally make yourself out to be a bit of a fool, not only will I not lift a finger to help you, but there are also no refunds on the course.

If you're the kind of person who works hard?

I'll do everything in my power to help you as much as I can. But you've got to do the work first. Prove yourself. Earn the right to extra help. And if you don't do that? You're on your own.

The reason I say this is because if you're "not sure" about joining MEFA (or any other programme that I run) DON'T join.

If you can't commit to 80% completion...


MEFA has filled to maximum capacity every time I've run it (last time 2/3 of the places filled in an hour... the rest shortly after). Whether you join or not... it will fill up.

So if you join, and then decide to make excuses and not do the course... not only have you wasted your money, but more importantly you've wasted my time and stolen a place from someone else. So unless you are DESPERATE to work with me in MEFA to sort out your English... don't add yourself to the Notification List (below) and don't join.

And if you ignore that advice and change your mind later?


I don't care if you're too busy at work, or simply lazy and procrastinate. Not my problem.

If that attitude is a problem for you, good.

On the other hand...

IF... you're determined to fix your broken English...

AND... you're willing to do the work and you can take advice even if it's uncomfortable...

THEN... add scroll to the bottom of this page and add yourself to the Notification List to get an invite next time I open for enrolment.

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Julian Northbrook

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