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Are you learning English every day?

In 1911 two teams raced to the South Pole. One was a team of Norwegians led by Roald Amundsen. The other was a team of Brits led by Robert Falcon Scott.

It was a 1400 mile journey, and incredibly dangerous. Both teams were well prepared, with tools, equipment and detailed plans to follow. The only real difference was the strategy they took.

Scott decided that his team would walk as far as possible on good weather days, and rest during bad weather. Amundsen’s team decided they would stick to a strict routine — just 20 miles a day, regardless of weather.

Amundsen’s team made it to the South Pole and back on schedule.

Scott’s team died en route.

Speaking Fluent English is a Good Habit

The reason you don’t speak well is because you don’t have the right speaking-habits. If you speak slowly and awkwardly… that’s a habit. If you use unnatural English… that’s a habit. If you consistently make the same mistakes again and again… those are habits too.

Mastering English is about doing the things we know work consistently and over time.

In order to see rapid improvement three things have to be right:

  1. The method you use (good methods promote fluency, bad methods slow you down and make things worse rather than better).
  2. Your mindset has to be right (because if you think you can’t do it, you simply won’t do the work).
  3. The materials you use (even the best method is useless if you’re learning the wrong thing and filling your head with useless English).

This is your foundation and getting this right is essential.

Extraordinary English Speakers continues on from my bestselling book, Master English FAST. I’ve long found that the people who get the best results start by building a strong foundation (The First 90 Days) then consistently implement that over time.

Scott and Amundsen didn’t start their legendary race to the South Pole unprepared. They put in months of planning and preparation. But ultimately, the reason Amundsen succeded and Scott didn’t was consistent relentless action. And this is what Extraordinary English Speakers helps you with.

You already know what to do… but are you doing it?

Extraordinary English Speakers is a group of people dedicated to mastering the English language and speaking it without hesitation in all areas of their lives.

People who get the best results are learning English every day, regardless of the weather or whatever else is happening in their lives. It might just be a few minutes, but as with a journey to the south pole, a little done every day is better than a lot done occasionally.

Stop Worrying About Materials

When I did my PhD research, I realised something: there were no good programmes for intermediate to advanced English learners who need to speak in conversation that fulfilled all three of these essential things. Most of the methods offered were based on out-dated ideas and research long proven incorrect. The materials I studied didn’t do what they were supposed to do… give you samples of natural, conversational English appropriate for real-world use that create the right speaking-habits.

And with that, “Julian Northbrook’s League of Extraordinary English Speakers” was born and subsequently tested, measured and developed over a period of 4 years until it because the prestigious English Mastery group you’re invited to join today.

Here’s What an EES Membership Includes:

  1. Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Every Friday — every Friday we have a meeting via Zoom to discuss the week’s lesson (see below) and address any questions, problems and challenges you face with your English (these sessions are normally 11 am Ireland time, but I do switch the times around − you can also ask questions in advance if you can’t make it live, and everything is recorded).
  2. A new lesson to study Every Friday at 5 pm — When you join, there are two lessons that all new members must complete. These will teach you the method we use and get you started in around 2 to 3 hours. From there, simply do the current lesson each well, following the process you already learned. If you have extra time…
  3. There are more than 170 past lessons to pick and choose from and study at your leisure.
  4. I also regularly publish new episodes in my “Extraordinary English Conversations” series. These are interviews that I do with a whole range of brilliant businessmen and women from all manner of industries and skill areas. These are designed to get you used to listening to and understanding a wide range of different accents, as well as inspire and teach you new knowledge and skills.
  5. Access to the Discussion Group. This is your place to ask questions, get advice and use your English.
  6. If you’re an English teacher, you have permission to re-use lessons with your own students (you can use materials in classrooms and with coaching students, whether in person or via Skype – but you cannot upload or make materials available online).
  7. Special rates on courses, seminars and workshops that I run. Enough said.

If that sounds good, and you are serious about speaking excellent Engish, click the button below and join us.

Become an Extraordinary English Speaker:

To join us, just click the button below and join us on the inside. The fee is  €150/ month (automatically billed and non-refundable, but there are no contracts and you can cancel any time).


Before you join EES make sure you mean the following requirements…

  • You’ve read Master English FAST (or graduated from the MEFA course) − I’ve long found that this works much better if you understand the method behind what we do.
  • You use English. This is not for hobbyists. This−and indeed everything in Doing English−is for people who are already using English in their day to day life, whether because they work in Engish or because they live in an English speaking country.
Yes, I have already read Master English FAST


P.S. If you have questions about EES before you join, you can email me at – but remember that you are required to read Master English FAST (or do the Accelerator course) before you can join, and so I expect you to have checked there before you ask.