Julian Northbrook's League of Extraordinary English Speakers - The MEFA Graduate Programme

... Are you learning English every day?

In 1911 two teams raced to the South Pole. One was a team of Norwegians led by Roald Amundsen. The other was a team of Brits led by Robert Falcon Scott.

It was a 1400 mile journey, and incredibly dangerous.

Both teams were well prepared, with tools, equipment and detailed plans to follow. The only real difference was the strategy they took. Scott decided that his team would walk as far as possible on good weather days, and rest during bad weather. Amundsen’s team decided they would stick to a strict, consistent routine — just 20 miles a day, regardless of weather.

Amundsen’s team made it to the South Pole and back on schedule.

Scott’s team died en route.

Fluent English is a Good Habit

If you don’t speak well it's because you don’t have the right English speaking-habits. If you speak slowly and awkwardly… that’s a habit.

If you use unnatural English?

Yes, that’s a habit, too.

If you consistently make the same mistakes again and again… those are all bad habits.

How to Master English

... Mastering English is about doing the things we know work consistently and over time.

In order to see rapid improvement three things have to be right:

The method you use

Good methods promote fluency, bad methods slow you down and make things worse rather than better.

The materials you use

Even the best method is useless if you’re learning the wrong thing and filling your head with useless English.

Your mindset has to be right

Because if you think you can’t do it, you simply won’t do the work anyway and everything is a waste of time

This is your foundation.

And getting this right is essential.

But it only works if you implement, consistently, over time.

That's what "Julian Northbrook's League of Extraordinary English Speakers" helps you do: make consistent learning dead easy.

Scott and Amundsen didn’t start their legendary race to the South Pole unprepared, of course. They put in months of planning and preparation. This is what you did in my initial Master English FAST Accelerator course. where we worked super hard to fix all those bad habits as well as create you a proper learning routine so you can get the fastest, most efficient results. And it's why I don't let you into EES until you've done that course. The preparation is necessary. But ultimately, the reason Amundsen succeeded and Scott didn’t was consistent relentless action.

This is what Extraordinary English Speakers helps you with.

You already know what to do… but are you actually doing it?

Extraordinary English Speakers is a group of people dedicated to mastering the English language and speaking it without hesitation in all areas of their lives.

People who get the best results are learning English every day, regardless of the weather or whatever else is happening in their lives.

It might just be a few minutes a day in some cases... but as with a journey to the south pole, a little done every day is better than a lot done occasionally.

If you've finished MEFA and are just fine getting the ongoing, consistent work done by yourself with your own materials... then great. You don't need EES.

However, if you're struggling and want me to just give you your materials and lessons to study every week, as well as help you with your (ever changing) problems in the group coaching calls, then EES might be for you.

Your Membership Includes:

  • A lesson to study Every Monday based on my unconventional Rocket Launch Method — simply do the lesson each week, and watch your English grow at a terrific pace (you've done the 'Supplementary Materials' I gave you with MEFA so you already know what to expect from these). 
  • An archive of 350+ past lessons and trainings for when you have extra time or a specific topic you need to speak about — got a specific topic you need to speak about? Just use the topic-search tool, and the chances are we already have a lesson targeted to it, or something very close.
  • The '5th Monday Session' — we do four lessons a month, but occasionally a month has an extra Monday. These are open slots in the schedule where I like to do special MEFA-style training sessions. Examples are "YouTube for Fluency" that talked about starting a YouTube channel as a way to build fluency in English, "Help Your Kids Learn English Alongside You" where we talked about helping your kids to learn English, and "The Method Behind the Madness" which was for language teachers who want to do something similar to what I do in Doing English. Recordings of all of these, as well as other past 5th Monday Sessions can also be found on the members site.
  • The Extraordinary English Conversations series — occasionally I interview experts from different areas to share their knowledge with you. I've interviewed Kevin Glen (past winner of the Toastmasters competition) on public speaking skills, I've interviewed actress Amy Walker on learning to understand or speak with different accents, “Microsystems” Specialist Louise Blackburn on managing email overwhelm, coach and circus-girl Vicky Fraser on being more interesting... and many, many others. All of the recordings of these can, of course, be found on the members site after you enrol.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls — every week we have a group coaching meeting via Zoom to discuss any questions, problems and challenges you face with your English (these sessions are normally 11:15 am Ireland time, but I do switch the times around depending on my schedule).
  • Access to the Self-Service Coaching bank —  every week I record the group coaching calls and cut out the best and most popular questions. These go into the Self-Service Coaching (SSC) bank so that you can get instant solutions to your exact problems. For example, what is the best way to get good at debating a topic in English? How should you deal with aggressive co-workers in English? Or what if you need to read a lot or information in English, but are struggling to do it easily? Solutions to these problems are already in the bank.
  • Special rates on courses, seminars and workshops that I run. Enough said.

Who is This For?

Before you consider joining EES make sure you meet the following requirements…
  • Graduates of MEFA who finished with a minimum of 80% completion on the homework tasks.
  • If you want to learn to speak like an American this isn’t for you. If you use English either internationally, or you’re using British (best), Irish, Australian or New Zealander English (also a very good match) this is best. In reality there is very little difference between different types of English (and we do have many members in the US using the lessons very successfully). But I’m British and the lessons I make are based primarily on British English and culture.
  • EES will be a lot of fun, but be warned that this is hard work. And I expect you to do the work. That means at least doing each week's lesson and asking questions when you're stuck. If you can't put a minimum of 30 minutes a day into your English, don't join.
If you don't meet these requirements, sorry, but you shouldn't join Extraordinary English Speakers.

Start Now

If you've already completed MEFA and want to join email me (julian@doingenglish.com).
Again, you must have completed MEFA to be able to join. No exceptions

Some Common Questions

What is the difference between MEFA and EES?

MEFA provides the foundation of everything I do, including EES and any of my other 'Advanced Skills' courses.

It's designed to change your bad English habits and get you a massive boost over the first 90 days.

EES on the other hand, is about consistent improvement over the long term. Think of it as the same as Karate... you can't just walk in and skip straight to a black belt. You've got to start at the beginning and work up.

Can I cancel my membership any time?

Yes. You can cancel yourself at any time.

But be aware that you must cancel before your automatic payment goes out (see below). This is your responsibility, and there are no refunds if you forget. I also don't take people back after they quit. Truly mastering the language takes long-term commitment to constantly learning and growing your English, and using it in the real word. EES isn't a place for people with "start-stop-start-stop" mentality.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to do it?

No. There are no refunds for any reason on subscriptions (this includes initially when you first join, and any subsequent monthly or yearly payments).

Is EES an automatic payment?

Yes. It's a membership, and you will be charged or automatically monthly or yearly until you cancel. It is your responsibility to cancel when you don't want to continue any more – there are no refunds if you forget to do it

Got a different question? — julian@doingenglish.com