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Doing English

Why do I keep going to the gym, even if I am very busy

Honestly? I’m mega busy right now (and it’s rare I have to say that).

But I’m still in the gym.

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Why Will Smith as The Genie gave me a hard-on

“I’m about to fabulize you”

ー Genie of the lamp.

Just watched the (new) Aladdin film with the kids. Which I’ll admit was pretty good.

Will Smith?

What’s not to like.

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She was happy in the US… then her life collapsed

A few days ago I read this in a forum:

A girl had moved to the US to be with her boyfriend whom she met online, and they’d lived there happily for 2 years. Everything seemed great. Until her boyfriend left her. Just broke up with her without warning.

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The only sensible way to sound fancy in English

I’ll keep this short: If you want to sound “advanced” when you speak English, watch the video.

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