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Common question: “How to practice English speaking alone” Here are 4 things you can (and should) do — Do those 4 things and you’ll never worry about English speaking practise again. But remember… Just practising speaking in and of itself is not enough. English speaking practise (whether done at home, alone, with people… or whatever) [...]

Shamrocks, leprechauns and red hair? Every Irish a drunk? I think not. Stereotyping is tricky. Especially when you’re using English as an international language with people from all over the world. From different cultures. Many stereotypes often tend to have a grain of truth to them… but they are still over generalisations that people don’t [...]

What should you do if you don’t have much time to study English? First, remember what I said yesterday ー Something done is better than nothing done perfectly. What’s important is that you do SOMETHING regularly. To learn and NOT forget the brain needs regular, frequent repetitive learning. It’s far better to do 15 minutes [...]

What’s the best method for improving your English? People are obsessed with methods. Exercises Techniques. Tips tricks and hacks for getting fluent, fast. Is shadowing good? Is listening then repeating a better way to improve my pronunciation? Should I be listening a lot? Chatting to native speakers? Is reading out loud a good way to [...]

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