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Interesting question ー “Which English accent is hardest to understand for you?” I’ll give you my answer in a moment. But first, have a think about this. That there IS an accent which is HARD for a native English speaker to understand is very, very important for you. People learning English often complain about understanding [...]

Luis Henrique asks: “Hi Julian! In your personal opinion what’s the most important skill in English?” Good question. Here’s my answer: When you’re speaking or explaining something, people who are REALLY good at English are able to do it concisely, using language appropriate to their audience — even if that means very simple words and [...]

What is the closest language to English? Well, that depends. If you consider Scots (as in that stuff spoken in Scotland that’s not English or Scottish Gaelic) to be a language then it’d be Scots. That said, there’s no real consensus among language exerts as to what really constitutes a dialect or a separate language… [...]

Apparently, England are in the semi-final of the World Cup. Something I didn’t know until someone else who doesn’t give a shit about football told me. To be honest, I didn’t even know the damn thing was happening until it was quite far through. This news may even be well out of date by now. [...]

Common question… “How do I stop myself from forgetting the English words I learn?” Now, first and foremost: don’t focus on words. Focus on chunks of English, because this is how native speakers actually use English, and how you should learn if you want to speak like they do (i.e. fluently and naturally). But the [...]

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