October 5

Why you need to limit your English learning time

By Dr Julian Northbrook

If you want to improve in English quickly, you need to do LESS, not more.

Watch this video:

I explain why you need to place constraints on your learning and limit the amount of time you spend studying.

Then go complete my Rocket Launch Method training.


P.S. Why is this so shaky?

You try holding your phone steady right after a *brutal* hour of lifting weights in the gym. By the end of the video, my arm is BURNING.

But you know what?

That’s how your English study should feel – like a brutal workout.

I talk about this in my RLM training.

Getting Help Mastering Spoken English

If you're looking for help speaking extraordinary English with confidence, here's where you need to go:

  1. Start with my free Rocket Launch Method training.
  2. For most people, then going on to the MEF Accelerator course is going to be the best option.
  3. If you’ve graduated MEFA (with at least an 80% completion rate), already know what to do, but need more help getting it done consistently (or you’ve come across new challenges since finishing the course) Extraordinary English Speakers is the place for you.
  4. If you're a non-native English teacher who wants to feel confident teaching in class, and also apply my methods to what you do: contact me

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