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Why Will Smith as The Genie gave me a hard-on

in The Doing English Blog

“I’m about to fabulize you”

ー Genie of the lamp.

Just watched the (new) Aladdin film with the kids. Which I’ll admit was pretty good.

Will Smith?

What’s not to like.

There’s a fantastic line in the scene where the Genie makes Aladdin into Prince Ali:

“I’m about to fabulize you”.

It’s great because it’s Will Smith. The King of Fabulous himself. And indeed, he uses the word “fabulous” several times in the film. And it’s obviously meant to be taken in this way (as meaning “fabulous”) in the film: but what a lot of people don’t get is that what Genie says actually has a double meaning.

Watch the video, where I explain:

If you don’t catch subtitles like this, well, it’s hardly surprising (I bet most native speakers don’t either). But if you want to learn too?

Well, I can help by showing you how to polish your English up to this level.

Just head over to:


… and I’ll show you how.