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Why I’m drinking cRaZy mushroom juice

in The Doing English Blog

Mrs Northbrook has me drinking this… stuff.

What the hell even is it?!

Some kind of juice made with a giant great big mushroom that she refers to as “Mother” in a rather creepy way.

Kombucha? Something like that?

It’s some kind of health food fad, anyway.

I don’t doubt that it’s healthy.

She’s making it herself, and there are bottles of the damn stuff on every available surface of the house. Seriously. It’s everywhere. The worktop in the utility has become unusable. As have most of the available spaces in the kitchen.

Now, normally I’d not be particularly interested.

But you know what?

I’ve actually got to quite like it.

While my stomach is mostly better, I haven’t been able to have a beer (and certainly no gin). So I started drinking it as a kind of replacement. And it almostーonly almost thoughーfeels like I’m drinking a glass of some exotic liquor. Enough so that it leaves me satisfied.

Which goes to show really, doesn’t it.

We find all kinds of reasons why we want to have a drink: to relax, to destress to, because why the hell not? But really it’s largely just habit. Take today, which (at the time of writing) is Friday. In our house that’s Film Night. And when we put a film on, I crack open a beer.

Do I really want a beer?

Yes but also no.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a beer or two.

But it’s largely just habit.

As are most of the things you do when learning and using English.

Those habits can be both the good and bad, but if you want to go far with your speaking it obviously makes sense to make sure that your habits are GOOD ones that drive you forward, not bad, unproductive habits that hold you back.

And therein lies the success of my methods: I start by targeting your habits and removing ones you don’t need (that you probably didn’t even know you had).

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