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Doing English

I often have trouble sleeping.

My mind is like a gerbil on amphetamines at the best of times.

And it likes to pose interesting questions…

… right as I’m trying sleep.

So last night I’m lying in bed, about to drift off, when my brain suddenly calls out:

“Hey, Julian. You sleeping?”

“Yes! So shut up,” I reply.

“What would you do if you had more money than you could spend in a lifetime?”

Bloody hell, here we go.

Because now I’m wide awake and thinking about this particular scenario.

What would I do?

The conclusion that I came to was as simple, and probably very unsatisfying for anyone other than me. First I’d buy a nice house, and employ a chef and housekeeper. I’d build a library equipped with enough bookshelves to hold Amazon’s entire Scandinavian crime fiction collection (an obsession of mine for about 5 years now).

Next, I’d equip said library with the biggest, best screen and sound system money can buy and I’d call up Amazon Video and offer them a million quid to give me permanently, lifetime access to every film they have (past and future ー none of this having to mess around renting stuff and watching within 48 hours).

Then I’d spend my days alternating between reading and watching every film ever made.

Pure bliss.

Luckily for you, my dreams of becoming a complete hermit aren’t likely to come true very soon. Which is why you can (and should) click here and add yourself to the MEFA Priority Notification List for next time.


P.S. As always happens…

… I’ve had my inbox filled with emails every day asking if I’ll make an exception and let them join MEFA now. The answer’s no.

You’ll have to get in next time…

… and the best way to do that is to add yourself to the MEFA Priority Notification List.