Tip-Top Chit-Chat with Business Owner and Civil Engineer Tim Fitch

It’s Friday…

And that means it’s time for a new installment of EES.

This month it’s an interview:

Tip-Top Chit-Chat with Business Owner and Civil Engineer Tim Fitch

Yes, yes.

I know, we did an interview recently. Didn’t do one in months… then there’s TWO in one month.


Sue me.

In this interview we talk about relationship marketing and how chit-chat and small talk plays a part in that, attending black-tie events, networking and the role of social media in businesses (Tim, for example, regularly does deals of 50k and above with people who find him on LinkedIn).

Here’s a preview:

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P.S. Just a heads up, but August’s issue of the EES Gazette is going to be about nailing your accent.

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