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The Virtual Commute

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Recently I can’t sleep.

You probably know the story: You couldn’t sleep the night before, so you spend the whole day half asleep, tired and irritable. Only to go to bed at night and find yourself wide awake again.

Want to know my rather unconventional solution?

Watch this video:

I first heard of this idea from a book called Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder, by a guy called Dave Barter (well worth a read if you’re into cycling or British culture).

The idea is simple: Instead of walking the two meters from the kitchen to my office, I’m going to cycle the two meters from the kitchen to my office. Via a random point on the map 10k away. Which extends my commute form 2 meters… to two thousand and two meters… 20k of which is out in the morning sun.

Will it make a difference?

I’ll let you know.


P.S. I’m not stressed or worried, so that doesn’t explain my insomnia… but if you can’t sleep because you’re worried about your English? My book, Master English FAST will help — Read the first chapter here.


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