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The Tomorrow Gene

in The Doing English Blog

Recently I read a book called…

“The Tomorrow Gene”

… honestly?

It was OK.

But not amazing.

If you plan to read the book, you should probably stop reading this email now. Because I’m going to ruin it. You have been warned.


The book is about a beauty treatment that makes people young again. At the end of the book it turns out actually the company doing the ‘Tomorrow Gene’ (the name of the beauty treatment) actually couldn’t get the treatment to work at all. Instead, they’re creating younger-clones and transplanting memories from the originals before disposing of the older (but original) version.

BUT ー the memory transfer isn’t perfect.

And people in the know can tell the difference between the originals and clones.

You see, the clone ends up with missing memories and holes in what they remember. So in a sense, the clone, although younger and more beautiful, is a lesser, reduced version of what the person once was.

Funny thing is, this is exactly how many of you describe yourself in English.

Like a badly made clone.

You look like you, but as soon as you open your mouth, something lesser comes out.

In your native language, you’re smart, funny and confident. You’re witty and always shining like a bright light, drawing people’s admiration.

But then in English, you feel clumsy, dull and shy.

Wit is replaced with dry, flavourless ‘textbook’ English, and instead of smooth, sophisticated phrases, you speak in slow, awkward mistakes and errors.

Many of my new MEFA members described themselves like this.

But you know what?

In 90 days from now, they’ll be in a totally different place and describing themselves in a totally different way.

The question is, will you?

If you wanted to join MEFA, it’s too late (we’re full).

You can (and should) put yourself on the Priority Notification List for next time, though.


P.S. When will MEFA be opening again?

I haven’t decided.

But the people who get first chance next time will be those on the Priority Notification List.

So add yourself.