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Julian Northbrook

Speak Confident English as a Second Language

Fearless Fluency - speak English confidentlyIf you’re struggling to speak confident English… don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

Speaking Confident English – The Reality

It’s hard enough to learn English. But when you’re not a confident English speaker?

It’s even harder.

Many people find this hard to believe, but I am naturally a shy and introverted person. And even though English is my first language, it wasn’t until I learned my second (Japanese) that I learned to be a confident English Speaker.

When I wrote Mater English FAST, I was limited to how much I could include in the book. So I decided to stick closely to the topic of how to Master English as an intermediate to advanced English learner. And MEF accomplished this—and continues to—beautifully. The vast majority of people reported excellent results. But — and this is a big BUT — a few people struggled more than others. And always for the same reason. Even though they learned… they didn’t have English conversation confidence. Simply put, their own way of thinking was working against them. The principles taught in MEF only work if you do them… but if you’re always filled with fear and questioning yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll take the action needed.

English Conversation Confidence

It doesn’t matter how good you are at speaking English. If you aren’t confident when you speak, you won’t sound good. For some people, confidence comes naturally. Probably a result of their upbringing. For others (like me!!) confidence doesn’t come naturally.

Quite the opposite!

For years I was terrified of speaking to people because I always ended up feeling like an idiot.

The good news is, even if you’re shy, introverted or have screwed up conversations in the past… with a little time and effort you can learn to speak confident English.

The bad news is, it’s going to be uncomfortable as hell.

Painful even.

Look, if you want to speak English confidently? Be more confident in your everyday life? It’s likely you’re going to need to make changes to the way that you think and behave.

Simply put, you’re going to need to change the way you think about speaking English.

The Three Fears of Confident English Speaking

Lack of confidence in English comes down three basic fears:

  • The Fear of failure.
  • The Fear of rejection.
  • And the Fear of embarrassment.

Lack of confidence can always be linked to these fears. So to truly speak confident English, you have to overcome them.

How do we do this?

Because so many people have asked me about this, I wrote a new book on the English speaking mindset.

Fearless Fluency

Fearless Fluency, Speak English with Extraordinary Confidence will show you how to take the English you’ve already learned, and use it confidently in the real world.

This isn’t about surface level stuff… we go very deep into language learning psychology, and I challenge the way you think about English. There’s an excellent chance I will offend you at least once (but probably many times) by challenging your beliefs. But those beliefs—which are likely false—need to be challenged.

Pay attention, apply the lessons I share, and your confidence will grow.

One more thing: Fearless Fluency fills the gap in my other book, Master English FAST by showing you how to override your thoughts and get on with using English.

You don’t need to have read MEF to benefit from this book. Anything that is essential to know in order to use Fearless Fluency is repeated here, too. Obviously, it’s better you read both books; but again, it’s not necessary.

Right now Fearless Fluency is only available on Kindle, and you can (and should) grab yourself a copy here.

Julian Northbrook
The Language Punk

P.S. If you’ve got Kindle Unlimited… you can even read Fearless Fluency for free – just go here.


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