October 26

How to Learn English Easily by Doing the Hard Stuff

By Dr Julian Northbrook

I’m constantly being asked how you can learn English easily, blah blah blah. But let me tell you this – looking for “easy” ways to improve are probably actually making it difficult to improve your English speaking fluency.

Look, I’ll tell you right now —

If you’re constantly looking for an easy way to learn English grammar, the best way to learn English vocabulary – whatever – you’re probably not doing the right things.

Julian’s Stupid Foolish Mistake.

Recently I did something pretty foolish, and you probably do exactly the same thing with your English.

Watch this video:

Pretty silly, right?

The funny thing is though, I used to make exactly the same mistake when trying to improve my Japanese.

It wasn’t until I STOPPED doing this that I actually started to get better.

Stop trying to learn in an “easy” way to learn English easily

Yes, I know this sounds like a contradiction. But people who learn English easily and quickly are people who put in the time and effort required. In a nutshell: they don’t mess around wasting time with “learn quickly and easily” methods.

Make sense?

The method’s I teach in my book will show you how to improve your English speaking skills quickly, at home, without needing native speakers around you. But that doesn’t mean they are easy.

If you’re serious about getting good, it’s time to stop being lazy with your English. Sure, watching TV passively and chatting to your friends is more fun than sitting down to study. But ultimately, which is helping you to improve the most?

The 7 reasons you don’t improve your English

There are 7 things you probably do that stops you from improving your English. Click here and read the first chapter of my best selling book Master English FAST where I discuss them in detail.

Pay special attention to Reason 5 where I talk about how stupid the idea of having to have native speakers to help you improve is.

Simply chatting to people in English isn’t that effective once you reach the upper-intermediate level. There are far, far more effective ways (we cover a whole list of them in my book in Chapter 10 and 11).

But guess what?

They’re hard work and uncomfortable (though extremely effective).

Do the Hard Uncomfortable Work

Ultimately, the higher your English level gets, the harder you’re going to have to work to improve and the way to learn English quickly and easily is, ironically, to do the tough stuff.

Those “easy” things won’t help much anymore.


Julian Northbrook
language Punk. Doing the Hard Work.

P.S. If you don’t know what to do to learn English easily, Master English FAST – An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English will help you – If you like, read the introduction and Chapter 1 for free here.


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