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Lay off the stereotyping

in The Doing English Blog

Shamrocks, leprechauns and red hair?

Every Irish a drunk?

I think not.

Stereotyping is tricky.

Especially when you’re using English as an international language with people from all over the world. From different cultures. Many stereotypes often tend to have a grain of truth to them… but they are still over generalisations that people don’t like to be labelled with (or simply might not be true of every person).

Have a watch of this:

Italians eat pasta an pizza, Asians are good at math and all Brits love tea.


There is a grain of truth.

If you go to an Italian restaurant in the UK, chances are you’re going to eat pasta, pizza… or a combination of the two.

A research article in Asian Scientist journal found that yes, generally speaking, Asians do score higher on math tests (not surprising considering that’s how the education system is set up) and there are a lot of Brits who love a cup of tea.

But there is Italian cuisine that’s neither pasta NOR pizza…

I know more than one Asian who’s shit at maths. And I know at least one Brit who HATES tea (me!).

People are people.

And not making assumptions is only going to make international communication easier, not harder.


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