Ireland, Abortion and my Take on Religion

Three years ago Ireland voted “Yes” for same-sex marriage. And yesterday they voted “Yes” to allow safe and legal abortions.

This is a big deal. Though frankly, it’s backwards and medieval that this vote was even necessary. Nobody—nobody—has the right to tell anyone what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. Especially not a misogynistic organisation famous for trying to cover up its kiddy-fiddling (that’s paedophilia in plain English… yanno, abusing the children they don’t want you to abort). But equally importantly, it’s yet more evidence that the church is losing its power to dictate and control people’s lives.

Jon Shelby Spong, a retired American bishop argues that:

“The Church doesn’t like people to grow up; because you can’t control grown-ups”

… well, well done to Ireland for growing up I say.


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