How to See Progress (Start with WHY)

Yesterday I talked about focus.

Why is it important to be clear on your WHY… what you’re gonna do with English?

When you’re clear about what you’ll do with English, you’ll NOTICE things more — someone will say something, and you’ll realise you can use that same phrase yourself.

Say you’re a photographer and you’ll hold an exhibition of your photos. You know you need to show people around, and tell them about your work, and you’re learning the English you need to do that.

Well, you might be sitting in Starbucks…

And someone on the table next to you says to their friend…

“Take a look at this…”

Showing something on her phone.

Well, normally you wouldn’t notice this exchange at all.

It’s just background noise.

But because you KNOW you need to talk about stuff just like this, you notice it — it’s top of mind. Top of consciousness. And you realise you could easily say precisely the same thing yourself to show someone a particular photograph you’ve got on display.

This is a simple example…

But do you see how that works?

Of course, if you only sat around waiting to “pick up” stuff, it’d take you waaaaaaay too long (your exhibition would be long finished before you actually learn everything you need).

So we need to speed up the process.

You see, although a lot of people want to just learn English “naturally” without having to do anything, this doesn’t really work that well. Far faster, and far more effective is taking a structured, systematic approach to learning.

Which incidentally is what my new Kindle book is all about:

The Secrets of Structured Learning (SSL) — How Your Brain Wants You to Learn to Speak English (or Any Other Skill)

While Master English FAST is a complete A~Z method, SSL goes into depth about how the actual learning part works, based on what we know from cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It’s kinda the theory behind what we do (and in my experience, people are far more likely to DO it if they know WHY they’re doing it).

Get it here on Kindle.

(If you’ve already got it, be sure to register your copy to get the free audio version, and also to tell my email-system that you already have it.)


P.S. Your brain wants you to learn in a certain way ー Here’s How.


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