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Doing English

So you want to learn English, FAST?


Here’s my #1 tip for people who want to improve their English speaking faster than a politician forgets his promises after election day.

But be warned —

It’s not cool.

It’s not flashy.

And it’s not sexy.

But it’s so good that I should probably charge a £100 for it. Because if you take this tip… and use it… you will speak better English, almost from day one.

Want to know what it is?

Watch this video:

But remember: there’s no point in improving your English speaking if you’re not confident enough to use your English.

If you find yourself paralysed by the fear of making mistakes and getting embarrassed by your English, read by book ー Fearless Fluency. It digs deep into the mindset of confident English speakers and will show how to lose your fear and never be terrified of English again.


P.S. Fearless Fluency comes with a complete audio version, and if you’ve got that Kindle Unlimited thing you can read the whole book (and get the audio) for free ー go here.



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