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How to Improve Reading Fluency?

in The Doing English Blog

How to improve reading fluency, great question.

Here are three fast tips:

Spend some time learning the stuff you need

If the thing you are reading is packed chock-a-block with words you don’t know… then obviously you’re gonna struggle to read it, and you’re not gonna be fluent in doing so. But of course, it also means the collocations, the chunks, the blocks of English that those words appear in. Knowing the word, is not simply knowing the word.

Knowing the word means knowing what kind of chunks, and expressions, and phrases it appears in, as well, and that is also true of reading, just as it is in say, speaking.

Break your bad habits

If you have bad habits left over from school, you’re gonna have to break them.

A lot of people believe that they read well, but don’t speak well. But the reality is that actually, they don’t read particularly well, either.

What they actually do is translate and analyse what they are reading, word by word, as they are going. This is not reading.

These habits have to be broken if you want to read fluently.

You have to get into the habit of reading and actually just understanding and reading as you would in your native language.

Extensive Reading

Extensive readingーnot intensive readingーfor building reading fluency. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. I’m gonna talk about it in another video.


P.S. Looking for something to read?

Here’s a list of my books.