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Does Reading Aloud Improve Fluency?

in The Doing English Blog

Question —

“Does reading aloud improve fluency?”

Yes and no.

It helps with one aspect of fluency, but not with others:

People talk about fluency like it’s one simple, single thing that they need to improve. But actually, this isn’t true. Fluency is complex and made up of multiple things happening in your brain (four of them in fact).

One of those is motor skills — or what I call physical fluency.

This is where the things you want to say and the muscles in your fact are all working together smoothly so you can actually say the thing you want to say with the correct pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

And yes, reading aloud will help with this.

Of course, when I say reading aloud will help…

… it’ll help more or less depending not he quality of the stuff you’re reading and how well matched to what you need to do is.

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P.S. What are the other elements of fluency?

There are four of them…

And people in my MEFA course will be learning all about them in Week 3. If you’re not in MEFA… well, it sucks to be you.