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Can I learn English alone?

in The Doing English Blog

Common question I get:

“Can I learn English alone?”

The simple answer is yes, of course. This said, it’s a little more complicated than that. Watch this video to find out more:

A lot of people think they can’t study English by myself… but there’s no reason to think like that. Learning English is easy these days. Even alone.

Especially by yourself, in my opinion.

I’ve got to be honest… in this modern age I don’t think english classes and teachers are effective. I taught classes for a long time… and one of the reasons I stopped and moved completely to online, self-paced learning is that I truly believe this is far, far more effective.

The argument for classes is that language is for social interaction…

… and therefore learning should be social.

Yes and no.

Social interaction is useful… as motivation, to get answers to questions, support and to share problems (and solutions) with others…

… and in the right kind of situation, to add PRESSURE to your learning.

Learning a language is simple.

It comes down to a two-step process: learn the language you need, then practise until it’s automatic.

There’s no reason you have to learn with people to do these two things. And in fact, there are far more effective ways to practise than just chatting aimlessly.

Best, Doing English with Julian NorthbrookJulian Northbrook