A couple of weeks ago, current MEFA member Tung Yen made a very insightful comment about the Week 8 homework. The important part is the bit about “the rain is heavy”, which is being taught to English learners as “correct” English, but is in reality quite a strange thing to say and very unnatural in Continue Reading

Do you ever see a person and think they’re the coolest person you’ve ever seen? I’m writing this email from a cafe near my apartment that I love. And there’s a guy sitting at the table opposite. My new non-sexual man-crush. He’s old enough to be my dad (not that that makes any difference). Black Continue Reading

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear native English speakers use incorrect grammar. Sometimes it’s simply a mistake, but sometimes we do it deliberately. Why?

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One of my MEFA members asked how she could get faster at doing things in English. Here’s my top tip: Give it a go. Best, Julian Northbrook

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You can’t control how people perceive you. Here in Lisbon, if you say a few words in Portuguese some people are amazed, super positive and love that an “English” person is learning their language. Others just consider you another stupid English person who can’t speak their language. You can’t control other people. So the only Continue Reading

In the last few parts of the Accelerator Model, you’ve seen that mastery comes from: Fluency Naturalness Confidence Without fluency, your English will be slow and awkward. You’ll translate in your head and overthink everything. Without naturalness, your English will be messy, chaotic and disorganised with is hard for the listener. And without confidence, you’ll Continue Reading

One of my clients asked how she can make her English classes more relevant to students. She’s a school teacher in Hong Kong, as like many schools in Asia she has to use official textbooks… which are not always great. Well, there are a couple of simple things you can do. Here’s a video that Continue Reading

speak english with confidence

Learn how to stop doubting your own English and speak confidently, in Part 4 of the Doing English Accelerator series.

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A great exercise for developing good rhythm and pronunciation in English is “Shadowing”, but how much time should you spend doing it? This is a question I get a lot. And here is my candid, no bullshit answer: If you’re not sure how to make shadowing work for you, I’ve got a free guide called Continue Reading

speak english fluently

Speaking English well means a balance of three things: fluency in English, confidence with using it in the real world, and naturalness when speaking. If you’ve got only one or two of these things, your English will be imbalanced. In this article, we’re going to look at what happens if you don’t have fluency in Continue Reading

You might have fluency in English, but is your speaking clear, orderly, and natural? If not, don’t worry: I’ll show you how to fix your messy English.

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Something discussed in a coaching call last week got me thinking. Results from MEFA thus far have been astounding. But why? Part of it is that the course is totally different from what you may have done before. Most courses focus on the same old crap – more words, more grammar… studying dialogues with neither Continue Reading