July 21

The Accelerator Model Part 1 – Overview

Something discussed in a coaching call last week got me thinking.

Results from MEFA thus far have been astounding.

But why?

Part of it is that the course is totally different from what you may have done before.

Most courses focus on the same old crap – more words, more grammar… studying dialogues with neither aim nor direction. MEFA goes much deeper and takes a whole-life view of English.

Of course, developing language skills is a big part of it. But that isn’t enough (and it’s where most typical classes fail).

So I spent today (almost the whole day) scribbling on my iPad.

And this is the what I came up with:

The Doing English Accelerator Model.

MEFA is a 12-week course, but over those 12-weeks there are essentially 9 key ‘accelerators’ that you implement. I’ll talk about those over the next 9 emails. But let’s step back and look at the model as a whole.

Mastery in English comes from three areas.

Building fluency, re-structuring your English to be natural and native-like (not just grammatical). And building real-world confidence with your speaking.

If you have fluency and confidence, you’ll have speed: but without naturalness, your English will be messy and badly organized (very common in naturally confident, outgoing people). If you just speak fluency and naturally, you’ll speak with refinement; but your brain and habits will be against you and you’ll constantly doubt yourself and fail to make an impact in the world with English. And if you speak naturally and confidently, but lack fluency, you’ll speak with eloquence… but your English will be like an elephant; graceful in its own way, but heavy and slow (which is exhausting for the listener).

Mastery requires all three in balance.

Now, I’m still not sure “confidence” is the right word: it runs much, much deeper than that. It’s perfectly possible to be confident in your native language, but not in English.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I’ll discuss the 9 accelerators over the next few emails.

But in the meantime?

Unless you’re already in (or have graduated) MEFA, you might want to consider putting yourself on the waiting list: we open for a new group on the 24th of every month.

The place to go is here.

Julian Northbrook

Getting Help Mastering Spoken English

If you're looking for help speaking extraordinary English with confidence, here's where you need to go:

  1. Start with my free Rocket Launch Method training.
  2. For most people, then going on to the MEF Accelerator course is going to be the best option.
  3. If you’ve graduated MEFA (with at least an 80% completion rate), already know what to do, but need more help getting it done consistently (or you’ve come across new challenges since finishing the course) Extraordinary English Speakers is the place for you.
  4. If you're a non-native English teacher who wants to feel confident teaching in class, and also apply my methods to what you do: contact me

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