Forgetting English Isn't Your First Language

“Forgetting English Isn’t Your First Language” is the story of how Julian Northbrook mastered the world’s Hardest Language… and how you can do the same in English.

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OK, so you want to master English fast, with less stress and fewer headaches?

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You’ll learn… Why most English learners stop improving when they reach the intermediate level. The Three things essential to speaking awesome English. The language you need to learn. How to build fluency and sound natural. And much, much more.

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Forgetting that English isn’t your first Language

Mastering English will open doors, chances and opportunities in your life. I’m sure you already know this. But unfortunately knowing and making it a reality are very different things.

At school, we’re taught we’re taught English with outdated methods and punished if we make mistakes. We end up with a fixed image of what we should look and sound like when we speak English. And when our speaking fails to match that image we’re left feeling frustrated and embarrassed.

Like we’ll never be good enough. The problem is no one ever teaches us the stuff that works in the real world. I know. I’ve been there.

And it wasn’t until I was forced to master Japanese that I finally understood the way to master English.

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An excellent method for upper-intermediate learners.

If you are an upper-intermediate English learner and are looking to improve your level, this method can really help you. It works.

Violeta, Mater English FAST reader

“I love 2SS mainly because is completely different from all the English courses that exist nowadays. Right now, I’m doing the course and I can say that I’ve improved a lot in my English, and that’s because I’m seeing the language in a different perspective, which has helped me to build confidence and move forward in my English mastery. I do recommend it!”

Thalia Aguayo, Two Step Speaking alumni

"I’ve been joining EES for 3 months and this has been so far my best investment decision in language education. When I say ‘investment’, it doesn’t only mean the ‘money’ but also means the time I contribute to the learning experience. I’m not a dull person, but if the thing I learn doesn’t make sense nor has unacceptable flaws in itself, I can never make any progress in doing so. On the other hand, I can learn something well-structured and non-bullshit in a super fast way. Extraordinary English Speakers is exactly the place to be. I’ll look out for you in the community soon."

Xiaochen Pan, EES Member

Forgetting English Isn’t Your First Language

“Forgetting English Isn’t Your First Language” is the story of how Julian Northbrook mastered the world’s Hardest Language… and how you can do the same in English.

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