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The Doing English Curriculum

Premium Programmes for Serious English Learners

Free “Crash Course” Training

Free online “crash course” training with Julian Northbrook that teaches you the 5 changes you need to make to improve your English as an intermediate to advanced learner.

MEF Accelerator Course

The "MEF Accelerator" Implementation course is a 12-week is designed to get you a massive boost in proficiency over 90 days and also set you on track for life-long improvement.

Extraordinary English Speakers

The flagship programme, Extraordinary English Speakers, is a community of high-level English learners working towards true English mastery (only for MEFA graduates).

Extraordinary English Teachers

The Extraordinary English Teacher Project Strictly for non-native English teachers who want to inspire their students while making more money, with less hassle and fewer headaches.

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About Julian Northbrook & Doing English

Hi, I'm Julian. The founder of Doing English, a place for frustrated non-native English speakers who want to speak extraordinary English, creator of the infamous MEFA English course and leader of the League of Extraordinary English Speakers (the MEFA graduate programme).

Went to Tokyo to be an Artist and failed. Lived there for 13 years. Now I live part of the time on the beautiful coast of West Cork, Ireland, and am nomadic for the rest.

Published author and researcher.

Oh, and I'm Autistic (a very good thing for you and your English).

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