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Why I Don’t Care if You’re Offended

in Doing English Podcast

Occasionally people tell me…

“You should be more polite because people might get offended”

Last week I got it twice.

Once on Tuesday, and once yesterday.

But this raises an interesting point.

You see…

Not only do I not care if you are offended… and not only do I not care if ANYONE is offended… but on the contrary, I WANT people to be offended.

Not because I’m a mean person…

But because right from the beginning I want you to understand what it is like to work with me as a client, or be a member of one of my courses.

If you find me rude and offensive now?

It’s far, far better for us both if you unsubscribe from these emails.

See, I’ve long found I get the best results by being myself.

And that means painfully blunt.



Which is why I only want to work with people with a thick skin. People who can take a bit of harsh reality and blunt criticism. Because if you ask me what’s wrong with your English… I’m not going to do what most so-called English teachers do and tell you that you’re great even if you’re not.


I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I think, and EXACTLY what is wrong with your English. And if you can’t see why this kind of uninhibited honesty is incredibly beneficial to you and improving your English… you’re a fool.

One more thing ー

Not only that but honestly?

It’s more fun.

Who wants to be dry and boring and “professional” all the time?

I have a dark, gritty sense of humour and I’d far rather work with people who are the same than boring snowflakes who can’t take a joke.

If that upsets you?


If you have a thick skin, though, and want to fix your English FAST, without pretence or bullshit, you’d do well to get yourself on the MEFA Priority Notification List: