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Why Good English Practise is Like Good Sex

in Doing English Podcast

Here’s a small taste of what we do in MEFA.

Week 3 all about the “Two Track Approach”.

This is, as one member, José, put it, a “paradigm shift” in thinking.

We split your English learning into two very clear, very distinct periods of time. A short period of high intensity, followed by as much relaxed use and exposure as possible. Simple. But effective.

But what exactly is “intensive learning”?

Good question

In a nutshell, it’s exactly that.

Hard, focused, intense study.

The kind of thing that leaves you exhausted and your brain feeling like jelly.

In anything, there are people who get good. And people who get extraordinarily good. And it won’t surprise you to hear that there has been a lot of research done on this. And this research shows that there is a subtle, but very important difference in the way people who become remarkable learn and practise.

Take pro violinists.

In 1993 Anders Ericsson, Ralf Krampe and Clemens Tesch-Römer decided to try and find out why some violinists become good, but others become REMARKABLE. They found that all of them spend a lot of time learning and practising their art.

That probably doesn’t surprise you much.

But here’s the important thing —

People who reach an extraordinary level practise a lot in a very, very intense, focused way.

And that’s the key.

While most people are busy fucking around taking conversation lessons and mindlessly chatting about their weekend and forming all kinds of bad habits, the people who get REALLY good are busy focusing on the stuff that really matters, and drilling their English deep into their long-term memory.

To be blunt, conversation lessons (or “talking to practise”) are a totally pointless endeavour, by the way… if you want to chat, have a real conversation with someone. You get good at what you do. And if you spend all your time learning to speak with someone who is paid minimum wage to pretend they understand or even give a shit about what you’re saying when actually they’re praying you’ll shut up and leave early… well, that’s what you’ll get good at.

Good learning and practise is just like good sex: fast, hard and leaves you sweating and exhausted and should potentially kill you.

That’s all you’re getting in this email.

We be covering this stuff in detail in the MEFA course. In Week 3, and then again in Week 7 (where we talk about the 5 elements of fluency) and towards the end of the course where we cover some more advanced topics.

If you’re in the course…

… Brilliant.

If not, you’ll have your chance to get in on the 24th of this month.

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