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What Spiderman Teaches You About Your Fear

in Doing English Podcast

Six hours of Spiderman?

God yes.

That was my yesterday.

Spiderman Marathon. All three films (the good ones with Tobey Maguire; not the shitty new ones) watched in a row, non-stop.

The perfect way to get over my mildly hungover Saturday.

Have you noticed that Amazon video pops up little bits of trivia when you pause films?

One caught my attention ー

“According to Stan Lee, Spiderman wears a mask so his enemies couldn’t see his fear.”

Even superheroes get shit-scared in the face of adversity. Just like with dogs, it’s never a good idea to show your fear. Doing so just puts you in a position of weakness and makes you powerless. Spurs on the beast you’re battling with.

And so it is with English.

Half of the battle is getting over your own mindset, and putting your fear of looking stupid aside so you can get on with speaking well. Not freezing. Starting with confidence. First impressions count, as they say, and so you need to make that first impression a good one.

And that’s exactly what we do in Week 2 of MEFA.

It’s all about reconditioning your thinking and behaviour so that English becomes something we do, easily, with confidence, and without hesitation.

If you’re on MEFA…

… we kick off at 11 am Ireland time tomorrow.

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