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Stop Your English From Wasting Away

in Doing English Podcast

You seen Fantastic Beasts?

Good film.

Shame the second one is so shit.

We watched it again last night.

My boys are happy to sit and watch the fighting and special effects without comment.

My daughter’s brain works a little like mine.

There’s a scene where Tina and Queenie are making dinner. They’re waving their wands to make all the cutlery come flying out of the cupboards onto the table. And my daughter is wondering why witches still have toned muscles.

Surely if they don’t do any of this stuff their muscles will waste away?

Which is a pretty good point.

All those hundreds of little tasks we do every day might seem like a pain in the ass, but if we didn’t do them we’d end up frail and weak and unable to do anything.

English is the same.

If you want to keep your English toned and sharp, daily activity is essential.

That doesn’t mean you have live in an English speaking country or be speaking Engish at work every day. That can help. Sure. But it isn’t everything. There are TONS of ways you can build English into your life every day.

And in fact…

This is one of the first things we do in MEFA.

Last time the group came up with more than 100 ways to build English into your everyday life and routine (no matter where you live).

And I expect the second group will come up with loads more tomorrow.

If you want to stand a chance of a place next time MEFA opens, you’ll want to get yourself on the Priority Notification List.



P.S. Don’t misunderstand ー to grow, you need intensive learning, too.

Again, it’s like muscle building.

Daily activity keeps them toned and strong – but that isn’t enough to grow beyond what they can already do. In MEFA we take a similar approach and split the “growing” and the “sharpening” of your English into two very, very clear periods.

Get yourself on the MEFA Priority Notification List.