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Hi . On this page, you’ll find links to everything you need.

Membership Content

  • Onboarding lesson
    • Coming soon (on the 9th June)
  • This Week’s Lecture (← then do this each week)
  • Weekly Lecture Archive (← if you have extra time, review your old lessons content)
  • The Extraordinary Conversations Series
    • Browse (coming soon)
    • List version (coming soon)
  • English Critique and Feedback

The EES Gazette goes to print on the 1st of each month. Depending on where you are, it might take a couple of weeks ー it takes almost three for me in Japan! If it doesn’t arrive within the right month (i.e. June’s issue should come sometime in June) let me know.

The Doing English Community. The Community is a hidden Facebook Group. Request access here.

Any problems just let me know here and if you ever need to cancel your membership, the place to do it is here.