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Doing English

The materials you use to learn English Matter.

That’s a fact.

Materials Matter will show you what materials to use to learn fluent, natural English, fast, without filling your head with useless garbage and unnatural English.

Imagine this…

Gordon Ramsay comes to your house and offers to cook dinner.

He’ll cook anything you want, he says. Just give me the recipe and I’ll do it. There he is, waiting, top-notch cooking utensils in one hand, a cocky attitude in the other. And you’re thinking, what to ask the one-and-only, the great Ramsay G to cook?

Then you’ve got it!

You give him the recipe your crazy aunt made up. “I’d like a cabbage and fish-paste pizza, topped with banana, please, boiled, not oven-baked,” you say.

Gordon tells you to fuck off and goes home.

And rightly so.

You’ve set him up for failure.

Even a culinary genius like Gordon Ramsay can’t make a nice meal with a recipe like that. You’ve asked for something utterly, utterly disgusting. He could spend the next month working on that pizza and it’d still be horrible.

Next imagine I come to your house and offer to cook.

You might not be quite so excited. I am, after all, a shit cook. But if you asked me for, say, a classic bangers ‘n’ mash in onion gravy, or bacon and cabbage (my favourite at the moment) or even a chicken curry? Yeah, I’d be able to do you something pretty decent. Not because I’m a master chef like Ramsay but because the RECIPE is good.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

In order to improve in English, two things have to happen. Learning, and doing. When it comes to cooking, the recipe is the base ー what the food is supposed to look and taste like. And if your recipe is a boiled cabbage, fish and banana pizza? You’re doomed.

In terms of English learning materials, this means putting the right English in your head. The materials you use are the samples of English you put in your mind… and these need to be good, otherwise, you’ll struggle to speak English well.

Because if you’re learning the wrong thing? No amount of practice is going to help you to speak fluently and naturally.

Materials Matter

This book will show you, step-by-step, what you need to know when learning and studying English. Much of what you read here is based on my own (published) research, and none of this is my opinion.

Just some of the things we’ll cover…

  • Why materials are much, much more important than the method you use (and in fact, when it comes to learning to speak natural English, there’s only one thing more important).
  • What my research on English learning textbooks can teach you about learning English fast (this almost definitely affects you).
  • How to build an English “habit” so you speak naturally on autopilot.
  • Why free YouTube lessons may be damaging your English speaking, not improving it (hint: they’re not designed to help you).
  • Is “real” English better than materials for English learners? (sometimes, but often no – here’s why).
  • How to avoid learning mistakes that are really hard to fix later.

Materials Matter is out on the 2nd of January, and…

You can preorder it here for a third off the full price


P.S. This will be book 6 in the Advanced English series — these are short books that continue on from Master English FAST.

When I wrote MEF, I had a ton of things I wanted to include. But space was limited. So I decided to stick to just the core topic–mastering the English language, wicket fast–and saved the more advanced topics. That’s what this series is.

Preorder Materials Matter here for a third off the full price.