Making Waves ー London Seminar (June 10th 2017)

  • Location: The Rookery (London).
  • Date and time: June 10th 2017, 1pm~4:30 pm (then food and drinks until late).
  • Price: members: free | non-members: £196
  • Who is this for: professionals and experts who use English as a second languageーwhether you’re a freelancer, a CEO, looking to start a business or are business person driven to succeed.

Making Waves Schedule

  • Breakthrough Business Communication Strategies (1 pm~3 pm)
    • Here we’ll be going over advanced strategies for better communication in business, work, and dare I say your everyday life.
  • Breaktime (3 pm~3:30 pm)
    • Do I really need to explain this one?
  • Into the waves (3:30 pm~4:30 pm)
    • My personal philosophy on life and business, and the rules I live by. Some you may have heard before, most you almost definitely haven’t.

I expect we’ll all for food and drinks after (which you’ll pay for yourself).

Making Waves is already full.


Julian Northbrook

P.S. If you’re staying in London, I highly recommend The Rookery. Book directly from their website as you get a much better deal that way.