Work Personally with Julian on your English and Business

Coaching is for people who either have a very specific goal in mind, or people who need to raise their overall English level fast.

It’s best suited to you if you are a freelancer (such as an artist, a writer, translator or private language teacher), an entrepreneur, a small-business owner or someone looking to start a business.

I can help you write and develop your personal story or your companies’ brand story, put together powerful marketing materials in Engish, or even write your book. Perhaps you’ll be starting a new job in the near future and want to make a great first impression? Or perhaps you’re planning to move to an English speaking country?

Coaching will provide you with….

  1. My typically frank honesty ー you want to improve fast? Well, the last thing you need is people saying nice things just because they don’t want to upset you. In our one-on-one’s you can trust me to be brutally honest, and give you exactly the kind of feedback you need.
  2. A plan ー all coaching options start with a detailed assessment of your English, your needs, situation, weak points, and strengths. From this, I will create a personalized plan just for you.
  3. Accountability ー you will be required to do the work we decide on, keep in close contact with me and turn up to all your one-on-one’s. My reputation rests on you doing the work, so I don’t listen to any excuses.
  4. Results ー it won’t be easy, and it’ll almost certainly be hard work. But in return, I’ll make sure you get the results you need.

Coaching Investments

Borrow my Brain

Get an hour of my time (split into 2 x 30) to solve whatever problem you need to solve.


90 Day Bespoke Coaching

Got a specific goal you need to complete, fast? Perhaps you want to write your personal story, your companies brand story, produce a video or some kind of marketing materials. Perhaps you have an important interview, meeting or presentation coming up. Perhaps you want to write a book or start a YouTube channel, or perhaps you’re simply not sure what you want to do… and want me to work with you to find out. If you have a specific goal in mind, this is the option for you.

  • You get 12 × 30 minute sessions (one every week for 3 months).
  • We will start by setting a very specific goal, a tight deadline, an a set of action-steps to get the work done. Then in each session, you come prepared with your current problems and things you need to work on, and I coach you through them. We set a goal and tasks to complete before the next session when we review and evaluate your progress.
  • Unlimited email support for the 90 days. Got a question you need answering quickly? Send me an email.


The “Wave Makers” Group

This is the EES programme on steroids – the EES Programme is extremely powerful. But it only works if you actually do the damn work. If you know the lessons and trainings in the EES programme, as well as the other courses in Doing English, is what you need… but need someone there to give you extra support, keep you accountable and speed the process up – the Wave Makers is for you.

  1. Two private 30 Minute coaching sessions a month to discuss the lessons, answer any questions and work on any problems you’re stuck with.
  2. Unlimited email support. Got a question you need answering quickly? Send me an email.
  3. All the benefits of ESS including the complete archive of past lessons, interviews, training etc.
  4. Complete access to any Doing English courses or products I create for free. It’s quite simple really, you automatically get a place on every product or course I create.
  5. Free access to any live events I do.

Regardless of which option you choose

Of course, you’re actually getting far more than that.
You’re getting access to my marketing expertise, my experience in business, not to mention my experience working with people from 94 countries.
And depending on what you want to achieve, that could prove invaluable to you.

Here’s what one member said

I joined Julian’s coaching programme because I know he is an honest and talented business owner. I had been interested in taking business coaching and was looking for a specialist. However, I could not trust anyone I found because they did not prove their business skills. Then, I heard about Julian’s Coaching programme.

What I admire about Julian is that he always has new ideas and takes action on them. His business skill is clear by his success with Doing English. I have been a member of his Doing English+ program for two years and seen his business skill in addition to his teaching skills.

I have been working as a credit analyst for more than 10 years in the US and I needed to improve my English skill to get a higher position. At the same time, I was interested in teaching Japanese because my major at University in Japan was Japanese literature. Julian’s advice in Doing English+ encouraged me to live life as I wish. So I started my own Japanese teaching youtube channel.

In our coaching, Julian gives me detailed advice about my channel, helps me with the technical side of things and is showing me how to turn my channel into a profitable business. Of course, we are also working on my English for the financial industry in order to get a higher position.

I haven’t decided which one I want to focus more on yet but Julian’s coaching programme satisfies both of my needs. His advice is absolutely precise, although hard work.

Thank you, Julian!