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Common question… “How do I stop myself from forgetting the English words I learn?” Now, first and foremost: don’t focus on words. Focus on chunks of English, because this is how native speakers actually use English, and how you should learn if you want to speak like they do (i.e. fluently and naturally). But the [...]

Yesterday I talked about focus. Why is it important to be clear on your WHY… what you’re gonna do with English? When you’re clear about what you’ll do with English, you’ll NOTICE things more — someone will say something, and you’ll realise you can use that same phrase yourself. Say you’re a photographer and you’ll [...]

Have you reached a fairly good level of English? But you don’t seem to progress past that? If this is you, then it’s likely you’re getting pretty bored and frustrated with learning English. Sucks to work and work… … but see no results, right? Well, pay attention young padawan. Nine times out of ten, the [...]

Want to get really good at English, fast? Here’s an weird tip that I’ll share with you for free. Actually, no, I won’t. I’ll let my good Richard tell you — This is exactly my experience too. Work out. Get fit. Get healthy. And everything else follows. For me, everything changed the day I decided [...]

The Virtual Commute

Recently I can’t sleep. You probably know the story: You couldn’t sleep the night before, so you spend the whole day half asleep, tired and irritable. Only to go to bed at night and find yourself wide awake again. Want to know my rather unconventional solution? Watch this video: I first heard of this idea [...]

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? This is the fundamental question core to religion and science alike. But I ask you… Is it really necessary to have meaning? A little nihilistic perhaps. But a question worth considering: Nigel Franks, a biologist specialising in ant behaviour say that a single ant is one of the least [...]

Does our language define our thinking? Or rather, to put it another way, is our thinking limited by our language? Probably the best film I watched last year: “Arrival”. If you haven’t seen Arrival, and don’t want me to ruin it for you… DON’T watch this video: The film arrival is based on an idea [...]

Three years ago Ireland voted “Yes” for same-sex marriage. And yesterday they voted “Yes” to allow safe and legal abortions. This is a big deal. Though frankly, it’s backwards and medieval that this vote was even necessary. Nobody—nobody—has the right to tell anyone what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. Especially not [...]

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