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I am in so much pain. Everything hurts. I haven’t run for about two and a half months. For the last month because I’ve been busy house hunting, and before that because I broke my toe (can’t remember if I mentioned that – I did). Getting up this morning I felt like (what I [...]

Interesting question ー “Which English accent is hardest to understand for you?” I’ll give you my answer in a moment. But first, have a think about this. That there IS an accent which is HARD for a native English speaker to understand is very, very important for you. People learning English often complain about understanding [...]

Luis Henrique asks: “Hi Julian! In your personal opinion what’s the most important skill in English?” Good question. Here’s my answer: When you’re speaking or explaining something, people who are REALLY good at English are able to do it concisely, using language appropriate to their audience — even if that means very simple words and [...]

What is the closest language to English? Well, that depends. If you consider Scots (as in that stuff spoken in Scotland that’s not English or Scottish Gaelic) to be a language then it’d be Scots. That said, there’s no real consensus among language exerts as to what really constitutes a dialect or a separate language… [...]

Apparently, England are in the semi-final of the World Cup. Something I didn’t know until someone else who doesn’t give a shit about football told me. To be honest, I didn’t even know the damn thing was happening until it was quite far through. This news may even be well out of date by now. [...]

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