Why I Don’t Watch the News

Apparently, England are in the semi-final of the World Cup.

Something I didn’t know until someone else who doesn’t give a shit about football told me. To be honest, I didn’t even know the damn thing was happening until it was quite far through.

This news may even be well out of date by now.

You see, I don’t follow the media.

Don’t have a TV (neither do I want one).

And despite conventional wisdom telling you you “must”, I don’t watch, listen or read the news (here’s tip I’ll give you for free: if ‘conventional wisdom’ dictates you should do something, do the exact opposite… who wants to be “conventional”).

And yes, this means I’m blissfully clueless about a lot of things.


Here’s why…

You see, several years ago I made a very conscious decision to just cut all the crap out of my life I don’t need. So away went the TV, the newspaper subscription I had (yes I once subscribed to a paper) got cancelled and, well, the rest is history. Thing is, the news is pretty much just full of depressing shit. And while, yes, I get it… unless you’re actually going to do something to fix a problem (assuming you even can)…

… what’s the point in burdening yourself with it?

There ain’t any.

I used to put the news on every morning while I was getting ready for work.

Tragedy, murder, parents abusing their kids, earthquakes, deaths, car crashes, social problems, environmental problems, economic collapse, riots…

Depressing stuff.

So now instead of filling my head up with stuff society says I should care about (but if I’m perfectly honest I don’t) I fill my head up with the stuff *I* want to learn about instead.

Which right now is the topic of sleep.

Something which has become a bit of an obsession over the last month.

And of course, I’m applying my own advice to learning about this stuff. The principle of structured learning (which is basically how you brain desperately wants you to learn so it can do its job).

And you can read about all this in my new book English Learning Done Right.

Do your English (and brain) a favour and grab a copy.


P.S. By the way…

If you’ve already got ELDR (which is the same as “Secrets of Structured Learning – I changed the name), be sure to register your copy to get the free audio version.

There’s a URL in the Resources section.

People who have the book also get extra lessons by email based on the book (and don’t see these promotions to get it). If you don’t have it though…

Get your copy here.



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