Whose fault is it your English is crap?

Look ー

Don’t blame your friends, coworkers, colleagues, parents, or teachers for your own failures.

There’s only one person you can blame…

… and that’s you.

Did School English Fail You?

Something that I hear quite a lot from potential coaching clients is that they are annoyed, irritated and frustrated because they believe someone else is to blame for their lack of proficiency in English.

One way that I commonly hear this is to say that they weren’t taught properly at school.

Their school English classes were no good. Their teacher was no good. Or their teacher wasn’t a native speaker. Or their teacher didn’t know how to get them actually speaking English. And…. you get the idea.

So it’s their teacher’s fault their English learning failed.

Are Your Parents to Blame?

Other people blame their parents.

If only their parents had given them opportunities to learn English…

To speak English…

To get good at English as a child.

Then they wouldn’t have had to struggle with the process. They would’ve just learned automatically as a kid and now they’d be like a native speaker.

… or would they?

Thing is, it’s impossible to say.

Perhaps your co-workers get in your way?

Another way that I’ve heard it is to say that their coworkers and their colleagues and their friends get in their way, they stop them from doing the things that they want to do or take their time away from them by…. look. You get the idea.

Essentially, all of these complaints are saying exactly the same thing ー

It’s not my fault.

I’m crap at English and it’s somebody else’s fault.

That, however, is stupid.

You’ve got to let go of that idea. If you are not good at speaking English there’s only one person to blame. YOU.

That might be harsh, and you might not like it, but it’s the best way to think.

Change the way you think

You see, taking responsibility is far more productive.

If it truly is somebody else’s fault, then that puts you in a position where you can’t do anything about the problem. Because you simply can’t control other people.

On the other hand, if it’s your fault then that is something you can control.

For a start, you can stop moaning and feeling sorry for yourself about the fact that you didn’t already master the English language… and get the hell on with it.

Remember ー

The best time master spoken English was ten years ago.

The second best time?

Right now.

So stop blaming other people and take responsibility for your own learning.

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