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Doing English

This morning we start the second run of my Accelerator course.

I won’t lie.

MEFA is a bit “weird” for an English improvement course.

And Week 1 is especially weird. The first time I ran the MEF Accelerator course, I actually debated whether or not to even include it.

I knew I should.

But I worried people might get confused.

You see, the topic of Week 1 has got nothing to do with English. Or even really language learning. Actually… it’s more of a science lesson than anything else.

BUT it’s also the secret sauce to my English improvement methods.

The reason the rest of the programme works so well.

As Kyoko and Deniz both said:

“It has changed my fundamental attitude towards language learning”

Keeping the unusual topic in Week 1 was definitely the right thing to do (while you’ll know if you were on the first. MEFA has been my most successful course to date. My most enjoyable too, I’d say.

If you’re on the second run of the course, see you at 11 am Ireland time for the first session (the recording will be sent out shortly after).

If you’re not on the course, sucks to be you.

You can (and should) get yourself on the Priority Notification List for when the course next opens.


P.S. If you are already on MEFA…

Nothing is broken. I used to re-write my daily emails for course members. In an attempt to save time and streamline my work (I’ve got a PhD thesis to write) I’m now sending the same emails to everyone.