Talking about Nothing by Saying Something

One of the toughest conversation topics in a second language is talking about nothing.

It’s amazing how much time we spend talking about nothing.

Yet ironically saying nothing is a terrible way to talk about nothing. You see, saying nothing is weird and uncomfortable. But we often find ourselves in a situation where it’s also not good to get into a deep, detailed conversation.

So we talk about nothing.

Not by say nothing, you understand. But talk about nothing. By saying something.


You should be.

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Julian Northbrook.
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About the author: Julian Northbrook is an unconventional punk of the business English learning world. A leading expert in English education and direct response marketing, he’s fully equipped to drag you kicking and screaming from English-mediocracy to speaking at an outstanding level. After being turned down for his dream job in the art industry, Julian suffered three long years as a crap Japanese speaker. He understands exactly what it’s like to feel like a total idiot every time you speak. But Julian overcame his language problems, mastered the language, and went on to work first as a freelance translator, then as an executive member of a Japanese company. But he soon grew sick of the corporate world and left it to pursue something infinitely more satisfying — running his own business helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get so good at English that they forget that it’s not their first language. He writes the infamous Doing English Daily Newsletter which you can (and should) subscribe to.