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Julian Northbrook

Personal Branding as an English as a Second Language Speaker

Do you use English in international business?

If you do, my guess is you want to sound damn good while you do it.

Of course, you do.

Here’s the thing though: speaking a language well and making an impact is about far more than your English.

Watch this video:

This was taken as part of a recent seminar I did with Hitomi Horiguchi about marketing called “Blogger meers YouTuber”.

One of the things many people asked me to show them how I make YouTube videos. This is the video I made.

The Business You are Really In

Regardless of what your “job” is, you are in the business of being YOU. The way you present yourself to the world is how you market and brand yourself. Your English–the words and phrases you use, your pronunciation and all that–is just one aspect of your personal brand.

An Extreme Example

This is an extreme example, but imagine a guy in a dirty, filthy suit. He’s got crap in his hair, dirt on his face and he stinks of piss. It doesn’t matter how eloquent his English is, how many fancy-sounding words he knows or how crisp his accent. He still stinks of piss and there’s no way you’ll want to do business with him. On the other hand, imagine someone who has everything else right–he’s clean, dressed well and smells, well, good. But his English is so bad you can barely understand what he’s saying… you probably still don’t want to do business with him. Your personal brand is the total of everything you present to the world.

Making Waves in the World of International Business

In 2018 I’ve got a new book coming out on the topic of speaking extraordinary English in the world of international business, with a particular focus on sales and personal branding.

Until then interested parties are encouraged to check out the recordings form an event I did last June.


Julian Northbrook
Language Punk. Wave Maker.

P.S. The Making Waves event included two sessions: “Breakthrough Business Communication Strategies” and my personal rules for life and business, “Into the Waves”. Click here for more information.


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