Personal Branding as an English as a Second Language Speaker

Personal branding and Making Waves

Do you use English in international business? If you do, my guess is you want to sound damn good while you do it. Of course, you do. Here’s the thing though: speaking a language well and making an impact is about far more than your English. Watch this video: This was taken as part of [...]

Doing English: How Julian Northbrook Mastered the World’s Hardest Language

doing english julian northbrook master english fast

People often ask me, “Julian, why did you start Doing English?” Well, it all started when I was still an “artist”. Julian Northbrook – “Art Punk” First of all, watch the video below titled “Forgetting that English Isn’t Your First Language”.  This a film about my journey as a  language learner from constant frustration and embarrassment to living [...]

How to Learn English Easily by Doing the Hard Stuff

how you can learn English easily to improve your english

I’m constantly being asked how you can learn English easily, blah blah blah. But let me tell you this – looking for “easy” ways to improve are probably actually making it difficult to improve your English speaking fluency. Look, I’ll tell you right now — If you’re constantly looking for an easy way to learn English grammar, [...]