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Julian Northbrook

Remember when you were at school?

All those facts and figures and random bits of information you were supposed to remember?

Like when you’re teacher handed you a printout of the periodic table and told you to memorise the whole bloody thing? Or like when your English teacher gave you a list of words to memorise by tomorrow?

Sucked, didn’t it.

And the thing is, the stuff you learned was probably forgotten twice as fast.

Those words?

Likely you could recall them as an entire list…

… but not individually.

Well, that ain’t how your brain WANTS you to learn.

This is what it wants you to do:

So in a nutshell, that’s…

  1. Make your learning concrete, not abstract.
  2. Make it fun.
  3. Integrate what you learn.

Simple, but extremely powerful.

Now, if you want to know HOW to do these things, allow me to refer you to my new Kindle book — English Learning Done Right.

If you keep forgetting your English, grab a copy and pay attention.


P.S. By the way…

If you’ve already got ELDR, be sure to register your copy to get the free audio version.

There’s a URL in the Resources section.

People who have the book also get extra lessons by email based on the book (and don’t see these promotions to get it).

If you don’t have it though…

Get your copy here.