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Remember the email I sent last week?

About how I write this emails in 4 minutes?

Well, today’s is coming in two.


Because I need to practise my fluency.


But you’re a native speaker, Julian!

Why would you need to practise your fluency?

See, the thing a lot of people don’t realise is this — fluency is not a simple, “single” thing. Fluency—as it relies to the brain—is actually multiple processes all working together to create what appears to be smooth, free flowing speech.

There are 4 key elements of fluency.

And one of them is what we call “organisational fluency” — that is, the ability to organise your speech (as you say it) in a clear, ordered and concise way.

Well, this is something even native speakers need to practise.

Recently my emails have been getting long…

… and I’m going to shorten them and make them more concise.

This is something you also can and should do. But of course, it’s not as simple as you simply banging out an email in 2 minutes (or recording a video — I’m doing the same for my YouTube stuff). As an English learner there’s a specific process to follow that works well … and in fact, it’s one of my best exercises for improving your English fluency (the organisational aspect, but it works well for the other three too).

What is it?

You can find out in my book, Master English FAST, on page 169.

And if you get you copy now (before the end of this month), as well as a complete audio book you7re also getting several bonus resources — one of which is a 30 minute training video where I teach this technique for improving organisational-fluency in detail.

The place to go is here

… and if you already have the book remember to register it before the end of this month to claim your audiobook and multimedia bonuses.


P.S. This took waaaaay longer than 2 minutes.

Easy for video, difficult for typing perhaps… but the principle still holds.