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Doing English

Back in the gym for the…

… 8th time this month?

While around 95% of the world has already given up on their New Years resolution, I’m going strong (pun intended).

I started fairly easy with the weights because, well, I’m a wimp and didn’t want to hurt my pathetically weak little self. But I’ve gradually increased the weight—not by a huge amount, it has only been three weeks—and I’m already starting to feel the benefit.

Thing is…

This ain’t a New Years Resolution.

Those are doomed to failure right from the start by their very nature.

“I’m going to lose weight!”

“I’m going to gain muscle!”

Yay for you, but what the hell does that even mean?

And that’s the problem. It’s all so abstract.

Me? I’m focusing not on the result. I’m focusing on the process. Sure, I have a result in mind (Think greek adonis sex god in tight jeans and a leather jacket), but I’m not dwelling on it or even thinking about it. Instead, I’m implementing a process that I know works… day in, day out.

And that’s how improving your English has to be, too.

Whether you want to speak better English in general, bring your conversation skill up to an advanced level or stop translating in your head… what matters is the process.

Do the right things.

Every day.



Focusing on anything else is not only pointless but detrimental (all it does is make you feel bad when you fail to match your own expectations).

Got it?


Oh, and the “Adonis Transformation” process I’m following?

Very simple, but very effective. And put together for me personally (last year, admittedly — my shoulder developed yet another calcium stone and was out for the count for months) by my fitness guru, coach and trainer Phil Agostino.

If you’re hoping I’ll do the same for you…

You’re out of luck (unless you’re in my MEFA group) because I’m not taking any more coaching clients, and MEFA ain’t opening again until April.

But you can gain the vast majority of my knowledge by grabbing a few of my books and having a good read.

Sure, it’s not as fast and easy as having me create a custom, bespoke plan for you and solve all of your challenges there and then… but it’s also a fraction of the cost (even if you bought every book I have, you’d still have to multiply the total cost by more than 100 to get even close to my coaching fee).

There’s a list of books here


P.S. To be clear…

Even if you wanted to do coaching… and even if you could afford me… I’d still say no and tell you to wait until April for the next MEFA opening.

Although I know people desperately need me…

… I’ve got shit I want to do over the next couple of months and I’m selfishly keeping my time all to myself.

So yeah.

Books? — go get ’em.