“Don’t get constipated”

Got a great reply to yesterday’s email:

Hey Julian,

MEF is an excellent job. Really. The essence of what you’ve been advocating for in learning English last few years. Concise and good to read.

Just swallow these bloody typos and don’t get constipated. Best of luck!


No worries there.

Those typos–nor anyone’s opinion–are going to get me constipated. They slide right out like yesterday’s (very spicy) Sri-lankan curry.

There’s an image you needed, I’m sure.

In other news the bulk of work for my latest research project is almost done. Which is a relief. I realise emails and things have been a little… sporadic… over the last couple of weeks.

Thanks (again!) to the people who helped out.

I’ll be discussing the results in this very newsletter shortly.

By popular demand MEF is now on Kindle.

Just go here:



Julian Northbrook
Language Punk. Still feeling yesterday’s curry.

P.S. Today is a national holiday in Japan…

Meaning the kids didn’t have to get up for school.

So yesterday we went over to our Sri-lankan friend’s house for some very, very agreeable food. Hence the spicy curry.

Claim your kindle-copy of MEF here:



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