DIY is not my strong point. Whatever.

Been a busy day.

I just spent the after noon totally re-arranging my office to make this:

standing desk

What is it?

A DIY standing PC desk, that’s what. Well, what I actually mean is, I’ve put a coffee table on top of a desk, and put the PC on top of that.

DIY is not my strong point. Whatever.

The point is though, why have I done this?

Two reasons.

The first is that sitting in front of the PC all day is giving me terrible back pain. So a standing desk is the logical solution to this.

The second reason, though. That’s a little more important. See the black table next to the PC desk? That’s where my comfortable chair is. And where my PC used to be.

This is now my reading space.

The reason I’ve done this is important, because recently I’ve been…. urm… neglecting my academic reading. And as a PhD student, this is NOT good.

You see, reading academic journal papers is quite hard. It’s tiring. There’s a lot of difficult stuff to understand and process. And with the PC right in front of me when I read… it’s even harder.

So now I have a clear space for reading. No distractions.

Not only that, but I’ll get tired standing at the PC, meaning I’ll WANT to site at the reading desk.

The lesson here is simple:

Making the correct environment is half the battle.

If you have a good environment for learning English, you’ll improve so, so much quicker.

How do you go about making an English enviroment?

That’s a topic for another day. But I’d say a good start would be to get on the Doing English Daily Newsletter.

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P.S. Here’s what Laura said about the Doing English Daily Newsletter:

Hello there!

Julian, I love your mails!

I love the things you write, I love the tips you give me and all the clever things you say about feeling confident.
I’ve watched all of your videos and I personally think that, apart from being a wonderful person, you’re a wonderful teacher!
So please, keep on writing me, I’m so grateful to you for your time!


Good stuff. Here’s the link again.

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